Hi everyone. I am Dr. Aparajita Singh.
I did my schooling from Delhi. I was interested in homeopathy since my childhood therefore I decided to join this field after completion of my schooling.
I joined Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College, which is located in Defence Colony, New Delhi. It is one of the premier and reputed homoeopathic colleges of India. I completed my degree in 2012. After that I started practicing homeopathy.
It gives me immense pleasure to serve the patients who are in need of real cure. While practicing, I came across many cases where patients were really frustrated due to their chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, chronic cough, skin diseases etc.
In Allopathy there is no cure for such diseases. The medicines are given to treat the symptoms. But homeopathy is hope for such diseases. As a doctor, I observed that it not only treat patients physically but it also nourishes there mind with positive thoughts.
Through this blog, I want to connect to the people and gain more ideas and concepts which are in trend and also want to cure more and more people so that no one left without cure as the highest ideal of homeopathy is to cure the suffering humanity which was given by Dr Hahenemann. As a doctor I see a very bright future of homeopathy. Homeopathy is gentle, soft, permanent, and offers no side-effects.


  1. Dr Aparajita,
    This is about your blog on the medicine ‘colocynthis’ where you have mentioned the usage as below:
    It is helpful in decreasing blood glucose level in diabetics. It is a traditional remedy for diabetes, as it has ability to stimulate insulin secreation from the pancreas.
    It has ability to decrease HbA1c.
    It helps in reduction in total cholesterol in high patient of high cholesterol.

    Can you let us know the source of this information please. Want to go through more about this, as it perfectly fits into my symtoms. Thank you

  2. Dear Dr. Aparajita,

    I have reviewed some of the articles you published here. Very impressive collection of topics and the content itself is written very well.

    Please keep up the great work!

    Founder & CEO
    Rxhomeo USA and Rxhomeo India

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