Bakson Super Tonic for Males Problems

Know the ingredients and uses of Bakson Super Tonic. Know the helath in which this medicine is effective. This is very effective in male sexual problem. Learn how to use this medicine?

Bakson Super tonic is proprietary Homeopathic medicine from Bakson. It is for males and helps in diseases related to male reproductive system like premature or delayed ejaculation. It helps to relieve sexual neurasthenia. It helps to restore lost vigour and vitality. It helps in physical and mental wellbeing by reliving nervous tension, anxiety, fatigue and general weakness without any side effects. It cures loss of libido, impotence (Erectile dysfunction), nightfall and premature ejaculation in men.

  • Brand/Manufacturer: Bakson’s Homeopathy
  • Availability: Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary Homeopathic Medicine
  • Main Indication: Restorative tonic
  • Presentation: Liquid
  • Size: 115 ml, 200 ml & 450 ml
  • Rate: Rs.95/140/300
  • Contraindications: No known contraindication
  • Interactions: No known interaction
  • Side-effects: No known side effects

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is said when a person has ejaculation happens before sexual penetration has been achieved, or within about a minute of penetration. It leads to other symptoms like distress and frustration, or avoidance of sexual intimacy. It also causes lot embarrassment in boys and men. It is most common male sexual disorders affecting about 20-30% of men. It can reduce the enjoyment of sex, harm relationships and impair quality of life.

Another condition seen with this problem is erectile dysfunction. It is inability maintain erection which is sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance.

Premature ejaculation Symptoms

  1. Anxiety
  2. Causes of premature ejaculation
  3. Decreased confidence in the relationship.
  4. Depression
  5. Embarrassment
  6. Issues related to control and intimacy.
  7. Medical conditions like-Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, prostate disease, thyroid problems, drug use, excessive consumption of alcohol.
  8. Mental distress
  9. Overexcitement or too much stimulation
  10. Sexual inexperience
  11. Stress
  12. Strict sexual teaching and upbringing
  13. Traumatic experiences of sex


Another names- nervous prostration, nervous exhaustion, nervous debility, nervous asthenia.  It is a nervous disorder which has symptoms like mental tiredness and irritability. It affects various organs. It is very common condition nowadays, as there is more suppression of emotions and impulses.


  1. Suppression of emotions.
  2. Difficulty in adjustment of emotional life.
  3. Overwork.


  1. Hyper-Sensitiveness
  2. Fatigue
  3. Depression
  4. Flatulence
  5. Dyspepsia
  6. Non-Completed Coitus. Infrequency Of Emissions
  7. Anxiety
  8. Headache
  9. Heart Palpitations
  10. High Blood Pressure
  11. Pain Along Nerves ( Neuralgia)

Bakson Super tonic Composition

Damiana Ø, Acidum phosphoricum 3x, Avena sativa 2x, Yohimbinum Ø, Agnus castus 2x, Lycopodium clav. 3x, Cinchona off. (China) 2x, Viburnum op. 3x.

Damiana – It is very useful drug in treatment of sexual neurasthenia and impotency. It is best suited to old people with prostatic discharge. It can also be given to weak, exhausted people with spermatorrhoea. It is given in cases of sexual weakness in nervous people. It is given in Chronic prostatic discharge which leads to functional weakness.

Acid Phos. 3x– This remedy has a marked debility, so much so that it produces nervous exhaustion. Patient has mental debility first, later on he develops physical. It is suited to young people who grow very rapidly and turn into adult. These person are mentally and physically very tired. Patient suffers this condition as a result of grief, any acute disease in past, or loss of blood and other vital fluids. This can be given to person who have impaired memory. He is very indifferent. He cannot collect his thoughts or find the right word. All of his complaints are due to grief and mental shock. It can cure emissions which at night and at stool. It can cure impotence, where sexual power is deficient. Patient also suffers orchitis where testicles are tender and swollen. Sexual parts feel relax during embrace. It can cure Prostatorrhea when passing soft stool. It can cure eczema of scrotum.

Worse- from exertion, from being talked to, loss of vital fluids, from sexual excesses.

Better- from keeping warm.

Avena sativa 2x– It has main action on the brain and nervous system. It is very good remedy for nervous exhaustion with sexual weakness. This can be given to morphine habitual person. It is best tonic for weakness after exhaustive diseases. It can be given in nervous tremors in the aged and conditions like paralysis agitans, epilepsy, rheumatic condition of heart. It can be given for bad effects of morphine habit. It can be given in sleeplessness especially in alcoholics. It is very good remedy for enlargement of the prostate.

Yohimbinum– It is remedy which help in overstimulation of sexual organs. It is an aphrodisiac when used in physiological doses. In Homeopathy it is used in condition where there is congestion of sexual organs. It helps in strong and lasting erections. It can be cases of neurasthenic impotence and urethritis.

Agnus castus 2x- Its main seat of action is on sexual organs. It lowers sexual vitality associated with mental depression and loss of nervous energy. This remedy acts mainly on men. It is suited on person who have premature old age because of abuse of sexual power, and has history of repeated gonorrhoea with yellow discharge from urethra. It is suited to person who experiences sadness with impression of speedy death. He has sexual melancholy and sadness. It can cure when patient has no erection along with impotence. Sexual parts cold, relaxed with no desire. Person has scanty emission without ejaculation. It can cure prostatorrhea, where person has loss of prostatic fluid on staining.

Lycopodium 4x– It is suited to old people, with an earthy complexion and skin shows yellowish spots. It can also be given to weak children. Patient is intolerant of cold drinks. He wants everything warm. It can also be given to intellectually keep people, well educated but of weak muscular power. Patient feels weakness in the morning. He has early aging, lacks vital heat, poor circulation with cold extremities. Patient is afraid to be alone. He does not want to do new things. He does not have self confidence. He has weak memory with confused thoughts. He has failing brain power. He has no erectile power with impotence. He has premature emission with enlarged prostate.

Worse- right side, from right to left, 4-8 p.m, from heat or in a warm room, hot air, warm application.

Better- by motion, after midnight, from warm food and drink, on getting cold, from being uncovered.

Cinchona off (China) 2x- This remedy is associated with extreme weakness, as a result of loss of vital fluids and exhaustive discharges. Patient lacks feeling for others. He is disobedient and very revengeful. Ideas crowd in mind which makes difficulty in sleep. It cures frequent emission (spermatorrhoea), which is associated with great weakness.

Worse- on slightest touch, loss of vital fluids, at night, after eating, bending over.

Better- Bending double, hard pressure, open air, warmth.

Viburnum opulus 3x- It is remedy for cramps in pelvic organs. Patient is super conscious of the internal sexual organs.

Worse- lying on the affected side, in a warm room.

Better-in open air and during resting.

Bakson Super tonic Important Therapeutic Uses

  1. Fights Sexual disorders like premature or delayed ejaculation
  2. Relieves Sexual Neuraesthenia
  3. Restorative health tonic for males
  4. Restores lost vigour and vitality

Bakson Super tonic Dosage

The recommended dosage of Bakson Super tonic is One Teaspoonful of Bakson Super Tonic twice daily after meals. Or as prescribed by the physician. For best results takes super tonic with water.

Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects and Suggestions

  1. Diabetes patient should take Bakson Super Tonic remedy with caution as this product is not sugar free.
  2. It has no known side-effect.
  3. It has no known drug interaction.
  4. It is completely safe to take this medicine in recommended doses.
  5. Homeopathic medicines should be taken after cleaning the mouth and preferably in empty stomach.
  6. Please do not eat strong smelling food items such as onion, garlic etc. within half an hour before and after taking the medicine.
  7. In case white globules have turn yellow, or sediments appear in the liquid form of medicine, do not take.
  8. Do not take tobacco in any form.
  9. During homoeopathic treatment, no other medicines should be taken, unless suggested by a qualified homoeopathic doctor.

Keep the medicines:

  • Away from strong smelling substances like camphor, menthol etc.
  • In a cool, dry place away from direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Away from the reach of children.


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