Homeopathic Remedies for Dark Circle

Learn about homeopathic medicines used to treat dark circles arround eyes.

Phosphoric Acid

It is associated with weakness of mind. This mental weakness is related to physical weakness. It is suited to young people who are mentally and physically weak. These individuals often grow very rapidly. It is very good remedy when patient has disease due to acute disease, grief and loss of fluids. It is a best natural homeopathic remedy for dark circles due to fatigue. It is suited to a person who has weak memory. He lacks feeling for others. He cannot remember right words at time. He is disease condition due to grief and mental shock. It is given when patient has blue rings around eyes. Patient has expressionless face. He does not like sunlight. The face of patient appears pale and eyes are surrounded by bluish rings. Patient is very weak and tired. Weakness is also seen due to sexual excesses.

Dosage: 30, 4 pellets, 2 times a day for 10 days.

Ferrum metallicum

It can be given to person who are very young and weak. These individuals also suffer from anaemia, but has false redness of face. This kind of person has cold hands and feet with oversensitiveness. He feels worse after any work. Person is extremely weak and feel week from speaking or walking. It is given when patient has pale skin with irregular distribution of blood in body. It is a given when person has dark circles due to anemia. Patient has very red face with least pain. Sometimes red parts become white and blood less. Anemia in these individuals result in appearance of veins under eyes.

Dosage: 30, 4 pellets, 2 times a day for 10 days.


It is remedy mainly for children. These children are big and fatty. They have troubles due to worms. It is suited to a child who is irritable with difficult appetite. These children have violent appetite due to worms. They suffer from grinding of teeth. It is suited to children who are hungry and very irritable in nature. Child does not want to be touched. He desires many things but rejects everything offered. It is a homeopathic medicine for dark circles in children. It is given when child has redness of cheeks on both sides of face. Face is pale and hot with dark rings around eyes is also seen. Patient has cold perspiration on face. Patient has white and bluish discoloration around the mouth. It also helps in curing dilated pupils and eyestrain.

Dosage: 30, 4 pellets,3 times a day for 10 days.

Berberis vulgaris

It is very good remedy for all skin complaints. It is very useful for dark circles under eyes. Skin complaints are associated with liver complaints. It is suited to fat people having some liver troubles. Person has lack of feeling for others. It is given when patient has pale and sickly face with sunken cheeks and eyes. It is given when patient has dark circles around eyes.

Dosage: Q (mother tincture is very helpful in removing dark circles).

10 drops of rose water mix with 20 drops of mother tincture, should be mixed well and applied gently for 15 days is useful in clearing dark circles.

Acetic acid

 It is given to patient who are very anemic with profound weakness. They are so weak that they suffer from fainting attacks. It is suited to person who have difficulty in breathing with weak heart and profound breathing and sweat. It is suited to person who is pale, anemic and lean with loose muscles fibres. It is good remedy when patient has pale waxy weak face with sunken eyes and dark rings around eyes. Cheeks are hot and red in nature.

Dosage: 30, 4 pellets, 2 times a day for 10 days.

Natrum muriaticum

It is suited to person who have bad effects of grief, fright and anger. Patient is depressed because of disease of longer duration. It is given to a person who does not want consolation and his complaints increase by consolation. Patient is very nervous and irritable, and very anxious over smaller things. It is mainly given to females, who wants to be alone to cry. Patient has tears with laughter. It is given to patient who has oily face which is shiny with earth like complexion. Patient has dominant dark rings around the eyes. The eyelids may show swelling. Patient like salty things.

Dosage: 200, 4 pellets, 2 times a day for 10 days.


  1. I can see mix of symptoms, so can I use more than one medicines like phospohoric acid & Natrun Mur along with Kali Pho?

  2. Hi Doctor,

    I have dark circles under eye, always my eyes looks tired(even though am not tired) and dryness in my eyes. My eyes look shrunken. I sleep good amount of time 7-8 hours, sometime I see eye puffiness as well. I work in software, so I always watch computers and by the evening my eyes feel so tired, but physical I wont. Am very healthy person, please suggest me permanent cure of dark circles please

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