Homeopathic Remedy Phosphorus Usage and Benefits

Know the medicinal usage of phosphorus in Homeopathic medicine system. Know the health conditions in which phosphorus remedy is used. Learn how to use phosphorus and what are dosage.

Phosphorus is a pale-yellow element with a distinct odour. This element occurs in the mineral calcium phosphate in volcanic regions. The main deposits are found in North Africa. Until the 19th century, the toxic nature of Phosphorus was not known and it was used medicinally for headaches, pneumonia, measles, rheumatic pain, malaria, and epilepsy.

In Homeopathy, White phosphorus is used for the preparation of a remedy known as Phosphorus. Phosphorus is insoluble in water but dissolves completely in alcohol. So, it is dissolved in alcohol, filtered, and then repeatedly diluted and succussed.

Phosphorus is powerful remedy and its potency should be chosen carefully. It should always be started with lower potency, Phosphorus 30 and then if necessary, the potency may be gradually increased. It is deeply related to the functioning of inner linings i.e. the mucous membranes, nerve fibres, glands and the brain. It also affects bones and bone marrow. It is one of the best remedies for the control of red bleed (arterial). It is the foremost remedy to stop bleeding. If, after childbirth, bleeding continues for a long time and smells putrid, it is given. Phosphorus is widely effective against the diseases of the mouth.

When the gums become diseased and there is light red offensive bleeding from them, then Phosphorus is the most effective remedy in this condition.

General Information about Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a non-metal, with atomic weight of 30.973762. It is placed Group 15 of periodic table.

The name Phosphorus in Ancient Greece was the name for the planet Venus. It is derived from Greek words which means light-bringer or light carrier. It was discovered by German alchemist Hennig Brand in 1669. It is pale yellow element with distinct odour, occurring in the mineral calcium phosphate in volcanic regions.

  • Common names- Phosphorus, white phosphorus, Yellow phosphorus.
  • Source– Mineral kingdom.
  • Distribution-It is scattered all over the world.

Its main deposits are found in North Africa.

Phosphorus has major use in agriculture as it is used as fertilizers. It is also used as pesticides and water treatment. It is used in preparation of sodium lamps. White phosphorus is used making bombs.

When seen its biological role, it is key element in all forms of life. It is found in DNA and RNA, used to transport cellular energy in form of ATP.

Discovery of Phosphorus

The discovery of Phosphorus was accidental when Brand experimented with urine, which contains considerable quantities of dissolved phosphates. He was trying to create philosopher’s stone and accidently found a white material that glowed in the dark and burned brilliantly. It was named phosphorus mirabilis.

Prover- Dr.Hahnemann.

He first published in Chronic Diseases (1821-34).

  • Adjuvants: Arsenic, Allium Cepa, Lycopodium, Silicea, Spigelia, Mag Phos
  • Antidotes: Coffea, Nux Vomica
  • Potency: 30 to 1000 and occasionally CM

Homeopathic Remedy Phosphorus is suited to

Phosphorus is best suited to those people who always wants to be centre of attention. These people are artistic, expressive, and affectionate. It is given to people who are easily exhausted by illness or stress. So, they are very lethargic. They have complete lack of emotions for those people who cares for them. But these people want sympathy. They feel better after short naps.

It is given to a person who like salty, spicy, or sweet foods. They also like carbonated drinks or cold milk.

It is given to person who are very weak following any acute diseases. It is very useful to improve general health.

It is given to a person to tall slender person with fair skin and have light hair skin, children with rickets, to old man with morning diarrhoea with tendency of T.B with morning diarrhoea.

It can be given safely to children with rickets.

Patient has tendency to take cold easily.

Patient’s Personality

Phosphorus should be given to patient who is shameless and uncovers herself. She wants to go naked. She will behave as if mad. She is restless and lacks emotion. This can be given to a person who have no secrets and will share every feeling. She wants company as she has fear of death.

It is given in cases where patient has increased appetite even during headache and fever. Patient is so hungry that he feels hungry soon after eating. He must eat during chill before he can get up. He has ravenous appetite at night.

He likes cold drinks and refreshing drinks. His tongue is dry, smooth, red or white

Food which is liked by patient– chocolate, sweets, salt and salty foods, fish, wine, cold food and fizzy drink, ice cream and sweet.

Food which is avoided by patient– meat, boiled milk, beer, salty fish, coffee.

Cause of Symptoms

Symptoms are seen because of mental exertion, by strong emotion, by listening music, by strong odour, by thunderstorm and lightning. Symptoms are also seen from over lifting things, by exposure to rain, by use of tobacco and after washing the clothes.

Patient has all complaints of left side.

Homeopathic Remedy Phosphorus Uses

It is given in various diseases like Gastritis, Blood in vomiting, Gastralagia, Liver Congestion, Jaundice, Fatty degeneration of liver. It is useful in fatty degeneration of spleen.

  1. It is given when patient has presence of albumin in urine.
  2. It is useful when lungs have congestion and inflammation.
  3. It is also given in half sided paralysis and pain along nerves.
  4. In females, it is useful in excessive menstruation and post menopausal bleeding.
  5. It is useful for ulcer of the stomach when patient has coffee grounds and bloody vomit with great thirst and very severe pains running through to the back.
  6. It is seen that when phosphorus is given after operation, it will certainly relieve distress of patient, improve the patient’s condition and facilitate recovery.
  7. It is useful remedy for treatment of nephritis when urine contains epithelial, waxy or fatty casts along with blood and albumin in urine.
  8. It is a valuable medicine when patient has undue sexual excitement. It can cure impotence which is related to excessive sexual desire.
  9. It is seen that if given properly it can cure Chronic mastitis and any kind of abscesses in the breast, with presence of sinuses. The sinuses are often present with opening which is surrounded by redness.
  10. It is very good remedy for bronchitis, broncho pneumonia and lobar pneumonia, when this condition occurs in enteric fever. It is given for chronic bronchitis of aged or weakly people who have dilated and fatty degenerated hearts.
  11. It is useful in all cases of haemorrhages which can take place in any part of body, whether in skin from nose, stomach, bowels, lungs, uterus, retina.
  12. It is useful in dilatation of the heart which is seen after acute disease like fever or influenza.
  13. It is useful in treatment of all bone disease related disease like caries and destruction in region of tibiae and jaw bones. It also cures spinal caries.
  14. It is useful in cases where there is inflammation like dysentery, catarrh.
  15. It is useful in pneumonia and tuberculosis.
  16. It is useful in infection in inner ear and pain in ears and bone destruction of jaw bone.
  17. It can be given in rheumatism and day blindness after fever.
  18. It can be given for anxieties, fears, bleedings and circulatory problems.
  19. It is useful in Malaria, measles, headaches, epilepsy.

Symptoms which are associated with time

It is given to those people who have un refreshing sleep with great anxiety.

They also suffers from vertigo and intense pain in the eye in forenoon.

They have fear in evening and are restless before midnight. These people have diarrhoea in warm weather and rainy weather causes fear.

Particular symptom in which this remedy should be given

It is given when patient has headache from exposure of cold, after having hair cut, when in hot rooms.

Patient has sensation as if pulled by the hair. Patient experiences heat of scalp, compelling him to uncover heat.

It is useful in Dandruff which is copious along with falling out of hair. Along with falling of hair there is itching from scratching. It can also be given when roots of hair turn grey and dry.

It is given to patient who have blue rings around eyes and lids are swollen.

Patient has difficulty in seeing objects he has to hold objects near to see distinctly at a distance. His vision is very much affected, it seems as if enveloped in a smoke.

It is very good remedy for tonsillitis when patient has dryness of throat day and night. There is sensation as if cotton in throat. Tonsils are much swollen, dry and burning sensation. along with these symptoms there is great weakness as patient cannot take proper nourishment.

Patient suffers from heartburn and sour eructation.

Patient has continuous feeling of nausea with feeling of confusion.  It can be given in cases where patient is not able to drink water and this feeling is so strong that even sight of it causes nausea and vomiting. He must close her eyes when bathing.

It is an important remedy for diarrhoea when patient complaints of profuse watery stool, with a sensation as if anus remains wide open. It can also be given to old people who have involuntary stool.

There is great rumbling and pain in stomach with sudden urging before stool. After passing stool he feel as if anus is wide open.

It can also be given in constipation when patient has long, dry, tough and hard stool. It is passed with great difficulty.

It can also be given in cholera, where patient has brownish fluid from bowels. He has to drink another large quantity of water, with great weakness and difficulty in breathing. He has pain in left side in region of lower ribs.

It is very useful in kidney problems when patient has dull pain in renal region. Patient has urine which is profuse, pale, watery and scanty. Patient has burning in urethra.

It is given when female has too early, bright red, menses, too frequent and too profuse. Discharge of blood is also seen between periods. It can cure symptoms which is seen before menses like weeping, bearing down pain with feeling of weakness felt in abdomen. During menses, there is cold feet and hands with nausea and severe pain in back. It can cure weakness after menses.

It can be given in white discharge from vagina (leucorrhoea) with weakness in abdomen. The discharge is white with watery mucus. The discharge is milky in morning seen when walking.

Sometimes the discharge is very irritating causing blisters and burning after menses.

It is given in some of the respiratory problems like loss of voice. Patient is unable to utter a word. Every attempt to utter word is painful with weakness. Patient suddenly cannot utter a loud word.  It can be given for cough which is generally seen when going from warm to cold air. Cough can be worsen when laughing, talking, reading, eating, drinking or lying on the left side.

Patient has expectoration mostly in morning which is less in evening. Sometimes this expectoration is yellow and filled with pus. Sometimes it is white in color and tough. Some other symptoms are associated with remedy like patient has intolerable pain in larynx with cough. There can be involuntary passing of stool while cough. Speaking excites cough.

It can be given when patient has heaviness of chest with a feeling as if a weight were lying upon it.

Pain can be felt at night with a feeling as he will suffocate.

It can be given when patient has burning in chest especially on left side.

It can be given to patient who has bleeding tendency. Small wounds bleed very much. Sometimes the wounds heal and break out again. It is very good remedy for scurvy( which is caused by Vitamin C deficiency).

Patient feel worse from touch, physical or mental exertion, from taking warm food or drink, from change of weather, from getting wet in hot weather, when lying on the left or painful side.

Patient feel better when lying on right side, from taking cold food, from open air, when washing himself with cold water.

Remedy Phosphorus Dosage

The recommended dosage of Phosphorus 30, 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequency as improvement is made.

Manufacturers of Phosphorus

  1. Wilmar schwabe
  2. SBL
  3. Precaution

This medicine should not be taken just before or after eating or before falling asleep. This medicine will give best result if taken with icy cold water.

This remedy should not to be taken empty stomach.


  1. “This medecine should not be taken before food or after food” but also “not on empty stomach” or “before sleeping.”
    Is there really a time to take phosphorus? 🙂

  2. when to take phosphorus 200 empty stomach, before food or after food?

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