Bakson’s Pelvi aid tablets for Leucorrhoea

Know the ingredients and uses of Pelvi aid tablets. Know the problems in which this is effective. Learn how to use this. It helps in preventing and treating Leucorrhoea.

Pelvi Aid is proprietary Homeopathic medicine from Bakson’s Homeopathy. It is very good remedy for complaints associated with women reproductive organs particularly leucorrhoea. It is useful in symptoms like itching of vagina, pelvic pain. It also corrects menstrual irregularities.

  • Brand/Manufacturer: Bakson’s Homeopathy
  • Availability: Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary Homeopathic Medicine
  • Main Indication: White discharge
  • Presentation: 75 tablets
  • Price of Bakson’s Homoepathic Pelvi aid: Rs.150
  • Contraindications: No known contraindication of Bakson’s Homeopathic Pelvi aid.
  • Interactions: No known interaction of Bakson’s Homeopathic Pelvi aid.
  • Side-effects: No known side effects of Bakson’s Homeopathic Pelvi aid.

Composition of Pelvic Aid

Given below is the list of ingredients of Pelvi Aid.

Alumina 3x, Borax 3x, Sepia 3x, Kreosotum 3x, Pulsatilla nigricans 3x.

Know the Ingredients

Alumina 3x- It is helpful in those conditions which has dryness of mucous membranes and skin. It is suited to old people, women who are prematurely old with great weakness. She often complaints of constipation. She takes cold very easily. It can often given to sensitive and delicate children, who are fed on artificial food. Mental makeup of patient is very unique. She is always in hurry. Time passes too slowly for her. She has a suicidal tendency on seeing a knife or blood. Her menses are too early and of short duration. Sometime menses are scanty. Menses are associated with great weakness. Leucorrhoea is like acid, transparent in color, with burning. Leucorrhoea is worse during daytime and after menses. Leucorrhoea is relieved by washing with cold water.

Worse- in the afternoon, from taking potatoes, in the morning on waking up, when in a warm room.

Better- in open air, from cold washing, in the evening and on alternate days( one day the symptom is worse other day symptom is better), damp weather.

Borax 3x- Symptom associated with this remedy is excessive salivation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and collapse. Mentally patient has dread of downward motion along leucorrhoea. She is always in anxiety. There is so much anxiety that she has anxious expression on face during the downward motion. She is sensitive to sudden noises. This remedy cures leucorrhoea which is like white of eggs, with a sensation as if warm water was flowing . It can also be given for sterility. She has menses which is too soon and profuse, with excessive pain in stomach and a feeling of nausea. It favours easy conception. It is important remedy for pruritus vulva( itching in vulva) and eczema.

Worse- from downward motion, noise, smoking, warm weather, after menses.

Better- pressure, evening, cold weather.

Sepia 3x- This remedy is suited to women who is weak with yellow complexion. She has bearing down sensation, as if reproductive parts are weak. This remedy is also useful in cases of abortion. She feels hot flushes at menopause with great weakness and perspiration. She also feel Ball-like sensation in inner parts. All pains are from below upwards. She is very irritable. She dreads to be alone. She is very sad, and weeps when telling symptoms. There is so weakness in reproductive organs, that she must cross limbs in order to prevent the protrusion of inner parts. Leucorrhoea is yellow, greenish, with much itching. Menses too late and scanty and often irregular, early and profuse with sharp pains.

Worse- forenoons and evenings. washing, dampness left side, after sweat, from taking cold air, before a thunderstorm.

Better- by exercise, pressure, warmth of bed, hot applications, drawing limbs up, cold bathing after sleep.  

Kreosotum 3x- This remedy is useful in excoriating discharge, which causes soreness of the parts. The discharges is often causes burning in the area. This remedy is associated with offensive discharges. It is very good remedy for diseases of old women especially after menopause. Mentally the patient is stupid, forgetful and is very irritable. Leucorrhoea is corrosive which causes burning and swelling of the area. There is violent itching between private parts and thighs. It is very good remedy for burning and soreness in the external and internal parts. Leucorrhoea is yellow, acrid. It smells like green corn. Leucorrhoea is worse between periods.

Worse- in open air, cold , from rest, when lying, after menstruation.

Better- from warmth, from motion, from taking warm diet.

Pulsatilla nigricans 3x- It is pre-eminently a female remedy. It is suited for female who are gentle, very sad, cries readily. She weeps when talking. She has changeable mood. The patient wants open air. She takes cold very easily. Her symptoms always changes. Mentally patient fears in the evening of being alone. She has fear of ghosts. She is very emotional. Leucorrhoea in patient is like acid, causing burning. At times it is creamy. It causes pain in the back. She is very tired. Patient has suppressed menses from wet feet. She also suffers from nervous weakness.

Worse- from heat, rich fatty food, after eating, when in a warm room, when lying on the left or on the painless side.

Better- open air, motion, from cold applications, cold food and drinks.

Benefits of Pelvi Aid

  1. It alleviates itching of vagina.
  2. It relieves agony of pelvic pain.
  3. It corrects menstrual irregularities.

Important Therapeutic Uses of Pelvi Aid

This formulation is for women suffering from disorders of Reproductive System in particular Leucorrhoea (bland or acrid).

The word leucorrhoea comes from Greek word ‘leukos’ meaning white and ‘rhoia’ meaning flow. In Latin it means fluor albus. It is most common condition found in females. It is very important to understand this condition as this simple problem can lead to disease. The discharge may be white, yellow or greenish in colour. It is basically excessive secretion of normal vaginal discharge.

A female may notice certain symptoms like-

  1. She has vulval moistness or staining of the undergarments. This at time may be so excessive that she may need to wear sanitary pad. The stain may become brownish yellow on drying.
  1. This discharge may be without pus and may be non-offensive.
  2. It can at times be non-irritant. It will not cause itching.

Causes of leucorrhoea

Certain causes are related to healthy conditions like-

  1. It can be seen at birth as influence of mother hormones.
  2. It can be seen at puberty as a normal physiological process.
  3. During ovulation- due to hormonal effect.
  4. Premenstrual- as a result of hormones.
  5. During pregnancy.
  6. During sexual excitement.

Some disease condition can often lead to leucorrhoea-

  1. Chronic cervicitis: It is inflammation of the neck of womb (medically known as cervix. It may cause vaginal discharge. It can be due to bacteria or sexually transmitted infections.
  2. Cervical erosion: It is change to the cells around the opening on the cervix. It is one of various causes of vaginal discharge.
  3. Uterine prolapse: It is condition in which muscles or ligaments become weak or overstretched. As a result, these fibres are not able to support the uterus. So uterus slips from normal position.
  4. Chronic pelvic inflammation: It is infection of the reproductive organ of women. It include uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and cervix. It can be as a result of sexually transmitted infection like chlamydia or gonorrhoea.

When leucorrhoea is present with some disease it produces symptoms like low backache, itching and burning sensation of vulva, poor appetite, discomfort, general weakness, pain in both legs.

Some other causes of leucorrhoea are-

  1. Chronic illness
  2. Constipation
  3. Emotional disturbances
  4. Fatigue
  5. Improper diet
  6. Malnutrition
  7. Unhygienic condition
  8. Chronic reteroverted uterus- Clinically this do not contribute any problem.
  9. Infections like- trichomonas vaginalis, Candidia albicans, mixed bacterial infections,
  10. gonococcal, monilial infections, vulvovaginitis.
  11. It is said that women with pale color vaginal discharge are unable to conceive.

Other presenting symptom associated with leucorrhoea

  1. Abdominal pain
  2. General weakness
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Low backache
  5. Pain in legs
  6. Vulval itching

Dosage of Pelvi Aid

The recommended dosage of medicine is 1 tablet, 3 times a day for women. Girls above the age of 12 can be given half of the adult dosage.


Kindly consult your doctor before using the product.

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